Excellent FAST service. I hate doing a smog check but they made it almost painless. My neighbors and friends that referred me to them only say good things about them and they were right. I passed!
We deliver what we promise

Fast Efficient Professional Smog Checks
Quick Service Thank You? - K Y.
The Best Service Ever. Mark A.
No Problem - maybejohn30 -
Prompt professional service. I recommend all my neighbors to go there. I was very grateful to have the "check" taken care of in such a timely manner. Easy to find. Didn't have to wait.
I got my dmv notice and of course needed a smog check. I had heard about this place from a co worker and decided to give it a try. I have to say it was the most painless Smog Check ever. Dave and Dan both are fast and very professional. It was the most painless smog I have ever had. I donít think I was there 15 min. total. Thanks Smog Tech You have my business forever. And all my family.
In and out no problems. Nice friendly service. This is the way smog check should be done. The recorded message answered all my questions. Very professional.
I hate to have to do a smog check. It's like going to the dentist. This place made it so easy and painless. It should be called In and Out smog it was so quick.
FAST Tina -
Smog Tech
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I have never had a Smog check I am a female who knows nothing about cars. I was very apprehensive about getting this test. They were super polite, very nice and more than willing to explain the process to me without making me feel dumb about it. They were very professional and efficient. This place was clean. It is really great to find a honest and reputable facility. I highly recommended it. It is worth the extra drive if you have ever experienced rude employees and false reasons to take your money. It is really refreshing to not be taken advantage of by car mechanics. It is great to know there are honest businesses out there. Definitely worth the drive for both price and professionalism. Definitely going again next time.
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